More and more people choose to make purchases online. For this reason, several businesses are offering their products through online stores, with which they seek to obtain more customers and new sales channels.


With an online store your business is always open for your customers. Worry just for processing orders.

New customers

E-commerce opens the possibility of expanding your market to other geographical areas and get new customers.

Electronic payments

With electronic payment methods, you receive your direct earnings in your bank account.

How do we do it?

The general process we use to build your online store consists of 6 stages.


In this stage we take care of gathering information about your business. With this information we can provide you with tips for your online store and complement your ideas.


In stage 2 we start working on the design of your online store. With the information collected we give the task of giving an image to your ideas: color management according to your business, type of letter, presentation of information, among other things.

Payment methods:

In stage 3 we are dedicated to validate the payment methods you want to receive in your online store. In this step it is possible for the client to provide legal information about his business.


In stage 4 we take care of the functionality. We are dedicated to the sections of your online store have the correct operation, the loading speed of the page is optimal and that purchases are made correctly.


Stage 5 is to add the content you want your customers to see and the products you are going to sell.


The final stage is to launch your online store to the public. We help you create ads which will be shared through Facebook, Twitter or Instragam.

Ready to start?

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